Smart Buying is New Terminology

Smart Buying is a new terminology progressing:

Description: Pandemic has brought changes in life styles – not only this, our processors have started working differently that is – what seemed to be impossible in the past, the minds have learnt to seek solutions out of the box.

Smart solutions – that is the learning of pandemic. One use to wonder how does one decide on shopping and decisions when you are in a mall and exposed to limited options during that time window.

Pandemic has pushed us to explore enormous options in the same time window. Now at the same time we are not only exploring items on market places like Daraz, Jomo or Ali express but also are exploring e-stores of different brands. Amazingly, the options we are getting with open market places are much better than what we can get from brands e stores. Amazing, isn’t it?

This means that with these market places, one has become smarter in terms of choosing.

Guess what happened yesterday- whatever I wanted to buy from a famous shoes brand and I got better options on a market place rather than browsing their website… super amazing. Not only it saved my wallet size but also helped me to understand my need as per the latest trends being shown! 

Aha! Dream come true … so I got the suggestion from latest trends but also the best pair of my choice – as per the latest fashion trend with a bubbly discount!

So, pandemic has made us to think differently – the silver lining is the choices we can make as smart customers –

Happy shopping guys